Using a single password for all accounts is a bad idea, here’s why

Do you use a single password across all your accounts? Email, social media, bank accounts? Bad idea. Let us explain.

You might think keeping the same password everywhere is easier because then you don’t have to remember multiple passwords and you don’t have to write it down anywhere either. But guess what, if your password somehow gets leaked from one of those services, you expose all your accounts at once.

That’s what happened with Twitter. It turns out, due to a bug, users’ passwords were written in a log file in plain text form. Yes, your password which you thought was super hard to guess was being written in a file in simple readable format for anyone to read! The Twitter log files were not leaked but if they had then your password would be public. If someone got hold of your email and you had used the same password for your email, then your email account would have been compromised as well. Hackers would then try to login to every major social media service using hat email and password combination to see if you are present on anyone of them.

Never use a common password across all services. Use a unique password for each service and change it regularly. Especially never use the password which you use for email accounts for any other service.

How do you keep track of so many different passwords? Use HexaVault to store your passwords.

What about the security of HexaVault?

HexaVault stores your passwords in encrypted format on your computer, not on some server. And it is encrypted using world’s strongest encryption standard. Even if your phone is lost, nobody can hack into your HexaVault.

Get HexaVault now. And if you haven’t changed your Twitter password, do so immediately.

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