– Check Your Password Strength and Generate Strong Passwords

Do you want to know how secure is your password? Have you ever wondered how long will it take hackers to hack your password? If you think you have a strong password that no one can hack then you should check the strength of your password at is a free web app which tells you how strong your password is. It tells you how long will it take a modern computer to crack it via a brute force attack. It also suggests you ways to make your password more secure.

A brute force attack is a method of checking all possible combinations of letters and numbers against a password protected file in order to find out the correct password. Modern computers can check billions of combinations per second. So it necessary to use a long string of random characters which contains numbers, upper case and lower case characters and special characters like @ ~ # & % etc. can also generate a random super strong password for you. Just tap on the Generate A Password button to generate a password which you like.

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