HexaVault 2.4 for Android – Unlock with Fingerprint

We have released an update of HexaVault for Android. It adds fingerprint unlock capability to HexaVault. You can now unlock your vault with your fingerprint instead entering your master password. If you phone or tablet has a fingerprint scanner you can activate the fingerprint unlock option.

To activate Fingerpting unlock, you need to set it up first. Tap on the menu icon on top and choose Fingerprint Setup option.

Before you can setup your fingerprint, you will be asked to share HexaVault with your friends. You can let your friends know about HexaVault via popular social networks like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter etc. It only shares a link and description about HexaVault with your friends. It does not share your vault with your friends.

After you have shared HexaVault with your friends, you can setup fingerprint unlock. Tap on the Set up button and touch the fingerprint sensor on your phone/tablet. Fingerprint will be authenticated and set up. Now all the fingerprints that are registered on your device can be used to unlock your vault.

Next time when you open your vault, you will see the fingerprint icon on the login screen. Touching the fingerprint sensor will log you in to your vault.

Update HexaVault now from Google Play Store.

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HexaVault 2.0 for Android Released

We have just released an upgraded version of HexaVault for Android. The new version now allows you to import information in bulk from an Excel spreadsheet.

This addresses one or the biggest roadblocks new users faced with HexaVault – entering a bunch of information the first time. You can now enter all your important information in an Excel spreadsheet in two columns and import it all at once in HexaVault.

We have created a simple tutorial on how to bulk import data from Excel to HexaVault.

We have also introduced optional user registration in HexaVault. You can provide your name and email the first time you run HexaVault. It is completely optional, and you can skip the step. We introduced the registration to know how many people are using HexaVault and to be able to communicate with them in future about updates, getting feedback and sharing important information about HexaVault and security of information security. The data you enter in HexaVault remains on your device and is not sent to any server.

Another feature we have added is periodic notifications for low usage of the app. Sometimes people download the app and forget about it because they can’t find time to enter all the information at once. In such cases the app will remind the user after a few days and implore them to import the data from Excel at once.

If you are an existing user of HexaVault for Android, do upgrade your app.

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HexaVault: Free Password Manager and Personal Information Vault

Hello World, HexaVault is here! HexaVault is a password manager and personal information locker. You can store all your private and important information in HexaVault in a secure way.

There are zillions of password managers and digital lockers out there. What separates HexaVault from other password managers is that is provides structured storage for all kinds of important information in the form of predefined templates.

HexaVault comes with 30+ predefined templates for storing passwords and logins, financial details like bank accounts, credit and debit cards, insurance details, ID documents like passport and national ID, utilities like electricity, cable etc. You can also create your own templates.

The core purpose of HexaVault is to make it super easy to store, manage and access all you life’s important details.

HexaVault stores information using Advanced Encryption Standard and a 256 bit key and is stored on your device. The encryption is virtually impossible to crack so your data will be safe and can’t be hacked into even if the device is lost.

HexaVault is free and is available for Android and iOS.

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